Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wake-Up Call

I think that growing up with one parent that had a chronic illness, you take for granted that there was only one parent you needed to worry about.  There was only one parent that you would get that the hospital...doctors don't know what to do...this is our last resort.  I really have lived the last 36 years only thinking of the possibility of losing one parent....until last weekend.
As I was driving into Boston to spend a night with my brother-in-laws, I spoke with my sister to find that our mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My initial reaction was shock, of course...I think I shook for a good hour.  Not one to lose it in front of others, it was when I went to bed that night that the reality sank in.

My Mom is the backbone in our family...the one who is always willing to take care of others...has ridden the roller coaster that comes when your husband is diagnosed with Crohn's Disease just a year after you are married for almost 50 years...calls someone when they need it...remembers every single solitary birthday (her calendar is filled), anniversary, or special event...I don't think I have ever heard her say she wanted anything...ever put herself first...ever complained.  I guess that would explain why when she received her diagnosis she basically wanted to quickly divert the attention OFF of her!
Thankfully her cancer was caught early and the doctors have a plan that they feel will work well.  She caught it very early (PS I need to now STOP putting off that mammogram!) and will be just fine.  However, this past week I have found myself thinking...those damn what ifs...and I catch my breathe...thinking I honestly don't know what I would do without my Mom...and I don't want them to be without her!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Talking Training...Own It Week 2

Last week was week 2 of the Own It plan from Train Like a Mother.  I knew going into this that this plan was going to be a challenge and I have to say that I have to keep reminding myself that the only way to get faster is to put in the work and STRETCH myself!  Each week brings its own bag of fun and new challenges!  Week 3 bring hill repeats so stay tuned for that fun!  Lol!  Here is how week 2 shook out!

Monday: Fun Workout....I did 3 miles on the mill at the gym and kettlebells after for "fun"!  I work late on Mondays so I need to remember to drag myself out of bed early because a run after working until 8 is no fun!
Tuesday: 1 mile WU; Tempo 2 miles; 1 mile CD...This was one of those workouts I had to keep telling myself not to quit...not to quit on my dream...not to quit on me!  The result?  Totally felt badass and proud of myself!!
Wednesday: Rest...I hit the gym for a bike ride and leg sesh.  I'm so not used to resting midweek.
Thursday:  5 miles with negative splits...I joined my friends at Marathon Sports for this one.  Newton Running was there to demo their shoes and promote their new #RunningMakesMeFeel campaign.  It was so fun to be spelling out a word and the pouring rain at the end put an extra negative in my splits for sure!!  5.5 miles

Friday: 3 miles...treadmill again!  I think I need to bring back the lunch runs!
Saturday:  10 mile Long Run with 2 miles at race pace...The weather for this run started off iffy and rainy and ended with pouring rain and snowflakes paired with high winds.  SUCKED!  I did get in my 2 miles at race pace but they weren't mid run...more like beginning before the sky opened! (I have a few weeks to play with since I started this plan before I needed to for ZOOMA.  I think I'm going to redo this long run!)

Sunday:  Rest...This I did...slept in and then dragged the family around Ikea so we could finally tame our playroom!

How did your week go?  Are you training for anything?  Let me know so I can cheer you on!
 Join me and come run ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon or 10k!!!  Use the code NANCY15 for 10% off!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Motivation

This year I am pushing for a goal that I have had for many years...breaking 1:50 in the half marathon.  I want this goal bad I can picture it in my mind...what I would do at the finish to see even 1:49:59!  This weekend was one of those days when I got a gut check...a challenge asking not how bad I wanted it but rather how hard I was willing to work for it!  I headed out for a long run...and the skies opened on me.  I could have taken the shortcut...I could have called it quits and gone home...I even got a very tempting from the hubs to come and pick me up...but I knew I had to work.  I was soaked and FREEZING (seriously is Spring ever going to get here?) but I worked hard and finished my run.
What is your goal you want so badly?  
Start hard are you willing to work for it?

Friday, March 27, 2015

You Know You're a Distance Runner When...

Last week heading out the door for my recovery run before I changed my mind, I failed to grab my Yurbuds which meant for the next 5 miles it was me and my own thoughts....YIKES!  What's a good running blogger to do?  Write a post of course!!  I began to think of all the kooky things distance runners consider normal...that we may not even realize that 90% of the world's population thinks is absolutely insane!!

You know you're a distance runner when... go to bed early on a Friday night while others are just leaving their house for dinner so that you can be up and fresh for a long run! use words like fartlek, tempo, and repeats like they are every day common language that all your friends and family can understand! consider 5 miles and easy run...shake out run...recovery run! actually wake up the next morning after running double digits and again!
...that achy, sore, tired feeling in your legs brings a smile to your face! travel/go to work with your own foam roller, stick, and ball!
...your mileage count is already well past 100....and of course you keep track of it! cross a finish line....and begin to look for the next one! drop over $100 dollars on sneakers in a heartbeat but would never spend that on a regular pair of shoes!
...eating things named GU, chia, bloks, or stingers is part of your everyday life!
What would YOU add to the list??

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

21 Day Fix

First let me apologize for being late to announce the winner of the $50 Tommie Copper Giveaway!  The winner is Suzanne W!  Congrats Suzanne!  Email me and I will get you going!  Thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway!!

I started my second round of 21 Day Fix at the beginning of March.  I had done one round already but I really feel like I needed another round to really get going.  I think I learned a lot from the first round and was able to put it all together for this one!  Between sick kids and lots of "fun" things like that, I wasn't certain how the results would be but I channeled my inner Carla and WICWICed my way through the 21 days!  I made the best choices I could when I could and started feeling so much better at least a week into the whole 21 days!  I started feeling in control of my eating again which was a huge thing for me.  I had felt like over the Summer and into the school year I was getting out of control with my eating.  I really feel like the 21 Day Fix had enough guidelines for me to have freedom but also gain control of my choices! 

Ok ok I know what you're really looking for...the results.  Well I was honestly blown away by my results and I can't wait to start back up with the group again in April...Summer here I come (you know once all the snow melts!)
8lbs lost
11 inches lost overall
2 inches from my waist
2 inches from my hips
NSV...Fitting into a size 6 skinny jeans!!!
Have you ever tried 21 Day Fix?  I am really thinking I'd like to try the Extreme version in April...anyone want to let me borrow?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Motivation

This weekend running for me was more than the was exactly what I needed to sort through my find my own peace for the time I was pounding away.  We got some hard news about my mother on Friday...running was there.  The beat of my heart and the pounding of my feet helped to drown out the thoughts in my head.  Sometimes running is more than the miles! This week...leave the watch and music at home and be in the run!
How do you handle hard news?

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Things have been crazy busy around here so I am certainly not at a loss for my three randoms of the week! 

Spring you can come out now....According to the calendar, tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  According to my daughter, the snow will all be gone tomorrow because there is no snow in Spring (I hate to tell her that we actually have up to 5" forecast for tomorrow).  According to all the retail stores, it's Spring and in Spring you wear things like this....

However here in Massachusetts this Spring we will be looking like this...
The winds are whipping around here on Cape Cod which adds an extra special bite to the air...can you tell I'm over Winter?! 

In it to Own it...This week is my first week using the Own It plan from Train Like a Mother.
It hasn't been anything too extreme thus far and so I was having no care in the world when I sat down to map out the next month or so of workouts....and then I threw up in my mouth!  It was a mixture of, I'm so excited to see what I'm capable of, and, Oh crap what if I die doing this!  I need the push and I'm excited...even if I throw up a few times!!

Testing Time...As most of you probably know, I am a teacher and we are currently in the throws of state testing.  If you're wondering how most teachers feel about standardized testing, this pretty much sums it up...
We need students to do well so that they can show what they've learned and we don't get fired, but there is so much more we could be doing than testing!!!  6 2hr sessions now and then 5 later in the year....YIKES! 
Bonus...Do yourself a favor and try out this recipe for no bean turkey and sweet potato chili from Skinnytaste!  I will put her photo since it is way prettier than mine!
I made a pot and portioned it out for my yummy!!!

Have you ever tried one of the Another Mother Runner training plans?
What's Spring like where you are?  Please tell me all the details so I can dream!!!