Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Chickie's Harwich 5k Race Report

I am well past due with this race report but I somehow am finding myself pumping the brakes lately as the summer is flying by at rapid speeds!  I can't even believe that it is the 7th already!!!

Way back Chickie decided that she wanted to run a 5k.  I went back and forth because I didn't want to push her too far but since this was her idea I went with it.  We trained for it doing a run/walk method and that was the plan for the race itself.  Of course we got our matching Tough Chik shirts...I mean really you know we had to match!
I'm getting ahead of myself...This race was the Saturday after school ended so there was a lot of buzz at school about it since there were a lot of students (older) who were going to be running it as well as many teachers including many of Chickie's teachers!  We headed down to grab our number the day before so that there would be nothing stressful about race day!
Race day came and she was ready!  We headed down with more than enough time but my hubs and I noticed an almost sour disposition with Chickie which we both attributed to nerves.
Before the race we caught up with many friends and before we knew it it was time to line up.  Now if you've never run a race before, one thing that is common is most people line up and then they need to make space for the runners who try to jump in last minute.  This causes the mass of people to have to move back several times...fine for an adult but unnerving for a 6 year-old who doesn't really understand what's going on.  The hubs pulled Chickie aside until the crowd of over 1000 had settled but she was certainly out of sorts and panicked.
I won't sugar coat this and say we laughed and frolicked along the route.  It was hard...it took digging deep...it took patience....it took a lot of hugs and kisses and encouraging words.  I learned a lot about my daughter and above it all I learned that she can finish what she starts!!  Those 6 year-old legs were working for around 45 minutes which is a long time!!  She fought through it and was so super excited when she turned the corner to find her family and friends and teachers standing along the finishers shoot waiting for her!!! (Thank you all for sticking around!)
She swore she would never run again but I think we have another one in there yet!  I'm so proud of her and the work she did...she even inspired a friend to run next year!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Motivation

I've seen this quote a few times before and it always makes me giggle!  I've often been in the middle of a race and made a comment similar to..."And I paid to do this!"  But when I don't do it...when I don't get up ass early...when I don't get my sweat on and push my body to the limit...I am certainly NOT the best version of myself!  Taking care of yourself...finding what it is that gives back to you is not selfish...it's NEEDED!  My children are home for the summer and we are rocking the beach circuit but I'm still getting up at 4am to get out and get in my workout so that I can be me....kind of like those Snickers commercials...You're not you when you don't get your sweat on!!

What do you do for you?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Memory-filled June!

I am always excited when I turn the calendar and I see June!!  To me June is the promise of summer...the ending of another school year...and the beginning of more carefree days!  This is how we feel about June...
This June was no disappointment! The month kicked off with the Newport 10 Miler where I snapped my PR by 3 minutes!!  I always love running this race in my hometown!!

With 2 littles it is harder to meet up with others to run....my runs are usually early in the morning while a lot of my friends are still tucked snug in bed!  This month though fellow ZOOMA ambassador and fabulous friend Dani braved the morning sun with me!!

I was also able to get in some lunch runs with my coworker Christy and an added bonus of joining in one of Marathon Sports pub runs!!  Running is certainly more entertaining with friends!!

Certainly the highlight of this month was chickie's first 5k!!!  I will have a full report coming I promise but I was left very proud of her and how hard she pushed!!

June is hard since it is certainly filled to the brim with school ending...beach time...and being outside as long as we can, but I'm excited to see what July will bring!!  An added bonus....scored myself another 127 miles for the month!!!

How has your June been? 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Motivation

This past weekend, chickie and I ran in her first 5k.  I would love to say that the whole thing went amazingly and we frolicked through 3.1 miles of fun, but it was hard.  The thing I know is that she had to work...hard.  It was a mental and physical challenge but as she crossed the finish and all her friends, teachers, and family encircled her cheering, she knew she was strong and proud!  There were moments when I could have thrown in the towel during that race but she wouldn't have had that moment...that moment knowing she was strong enough!!  That moment I have shown her so many times as I come in the door drained from a hard workout...knowing that you are stronger than you were when you left!  You never know who your example is reaching....her friend's mom even sent me a message later saying that Emma had inspired her daughter to run the race next year!!

Be strong...and inspire others to dig deep and be strong too!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's Thursday...it's the last day of the school year (yes when you live in New England during the snowiest winter in history you go to school WELL into the summer!)...and our big girl is moving up!  Lots to talk about today!!!

Last day...Today is the last day of school!  I always get a little teary eyed on the last day of school as the kids board the buses and we blow bubbles as they leave....and then SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!
I am so looking forward to having time...time to not have to rush out the door every morning...time for the girls and I to just be!  Yes I love summer but I really look forward to this time every year when I can connect with my girls and really explore together!

Another chapter closed...While I'm psyched that school is out, it now is tied to our big girl getting even bigger!!  Em closes her chapter on kindergarten and becomes a 1st grader today....
Same dress...same bow (we added shorts!)
Pardon me while I rock myself in the corner!  In true Em fashion, she is taking it gracefully like no big deal while I fight back the tears every time I pass her or her teacher in the hallway!!  This girl never ceases to amaze me!  She has grown so much as a person this year....don't even get me started!  I'll just say I'm proud of her and excited to see what next year brings! 

Race weekend...This weekend is our big girl's first ever 5k!!!  She is so ready...it's just convincing her of that!  There are so many friends and family that are coming out to cheer her on that she is going to look like a celebrity!  Diddy has nothing on this chickie!!

What's your favorite part about the summer?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#1MillionMinutes Summer

I love all things summer...you have to know that this beach girl is all about the summer!  Aside from having more freedom to spend days at the beach, I love the weather and the ability to be out and active!  I honestly try to use up every drop of sunlight being outside and active.  This was why I jumped at the chance to join in with Fit Approach and my SweatPink sisters for their #1MillionMinutes challenge aimed at making this your most active summer yet!
It started on June 21st but honestly you can join in at any time!  Grab the kids...your friends...or head out on your own and MOVE!  It really doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you are moving your body!!! 
Last night I headed out as the sun was starting to go down and literally raced the sun...with no street lights around I was in just as dark was coming in!!  We spent time playing basketball as a family and showing our girls how good it feels to be moving!!  My goal for this challenge is simple...find ways throughout the day to get myself and my family moving...whether it is through running or working out at the gym or riding bikes...swimming...obstacle courses in the yard...dancing...playing hopscotch...hiking...whatever as long as we are moving!!!
Come join in and get moving!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Motivation

The past few months have and continue to impress upon our family that you never know what tomorrow will bring.  It has me certainly thinking about plans...plans that are put off for a different time in life...plans for when the girls are older....plans for when my career gets slower...plans for when life is a little less hectic.  Yesterday driving home from visiting my family, as the girls snoozed peacefully in the back, I thought...why?  Why am I putting these things off?  What am I waiting for?  What if I get to that time and there is something else in the way?  What if that time never comes?  Why not go for it now?  Don't put it off for the perfect time to come!  Don't be in a holding pattern until your life is different....do it now!!

What are you waiting for?